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There’s a Lot Going on Here

sci fi badlands

A surreal Photoshop collage of some far-off planets & somewhat closer western locales


American Eagle Emblem

am eagle flag

Apparel design concept

While My Guitar Gently Screams

while my guitar gently weeps

Edvard Munch plays lead and annoys his neighbors.

Church Tri-fold Visitor Program


Rugged metal look for appealing to a certain demographic. Blank leaves for adding content as the client needed. Mostly Photoshop & InDesign. Had fun with this one.

We’re #1

It was late and I was tired

It was late and I was tired (for an art show that had to incorporate  the number 1 in the composition)

On this date in obscure Rock n’ Roll History…

joey ramone doodlebop-01