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The Accidental Unicorn!

accidental unicorn

The Accidental Unicorn manuscript is finished! Here’s a sneak peak!


Home Sweet Home


Church Tri-fold Visitor Program


Rugged metal look for appealing to a certain demographic. Blank leaves for adding content as the client needed. Mostly Photoshop & InDesign. Had fun with this one.

Little Blue Squirrel, Big Buttery Sequel


When in doubt…

play megaman-01

Specifically Megaman 2, 1988- the high-water mark of video gaming.

Gus can’t get his act together.

I must But First cover

Something big is coming to Amazon Kindle! Actually something small, furry & easily distracted is coming to Amazon Kindle! Just went live, free to rent with a Prime subscription 🙂 Check it out here 🙂


On this date in obscure Rock n’ Roll History…

joey ramone doodlebop-01