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While My Guitar Gently Screams

while my guitar gently weeps

Edvard Munch plays lead and annoys his neighbors.


Gus and the Big Mean Owl!

Gus 4 Cover.inddGus’ 4th adventure is finally in print and on Amazon Kindle, right here!


Five O’Clock Shadow

five o' clock shadow



Morning Coffee


Gus is pulling for Cincy…

gus bengals

He’ll be watching tonight with bated breath, as well as a squirrel can sit still & watch something with bated breath, anyway.

Gus can’t get his act together.

I must But First cover

Something big is coming to Amazon Kindle! Actually something small, furry & easily distracted is coming to Amazon Kindle! Just went live, free to rent with a Prime subscription 🙂 Check it out here 🙂