Snowman Line Art

Line art concept for a coloring book


About brianisham79

I have been a visual artist all my life and a passionate graphic designer for more than eleven years. I currently work as a freelance designer for ACCO Brands, as well as many clients for which I use this creative passion to meet their design needs! Oh, and I started writing & illustrating children's books! I have a unique sense of humor and a healthy distrust of cats and groundhogs. This is my showcase! View all posts by brianisham79

2 responses to “Snowman Line Art

  • AT

    I would very much like you use this lineart in a English worksheet (creative writing). It is not sold as a package, only to be used in-class or assigned for homework. May I?

    • brianisham79

      You have my permission to use this image only in a non-commercial setting, i.e. schoolroom or church setting. You may not reuse the image as part of yours or some else’s original artwork for commercial/retail purposes. I would appreciate any traffic driven to my page for any design service needs. Thanks and enjoy! Hope it works for you. Regards, Brian Isham

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